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Here are some of our current projects. (To see our completed projects, please click here.)

The majority of our projects are in Tanzania, East Africa, where we have contacts and local knowledge

1. Building New Toilets

In April 2016, the toilet bliock used by the children collapsed into a hole in the ground during heavy rain. Fortunately, it happened at night, so no children were killed or injured.

You Touch Africa are raising funds to build a new toilet bock.

Kimanganuni Toilets Before Collapse

Toilets Before Collapse

Kimanganuni Toilets After Collapse

Toilets After Collapse

Kimanganuni Toilets After Collapse

Toilets After Collapse

If you would like to help, please see our Donations Page.


2. Equipping a New Laboratory Building

Makomu Laboratory

Makumo Laboratory

We have just completed funded the construction of this laboratory building at Makomu in Tanzania. We are now looking to equip it and have already supplied some equipment.

If you would like to help, please see our Donations Page.


3. Computers for Africa

Children fascinated by a computer - Click to enlarge

Following the successes achieved with second-hand computers kindly donated by Belmarsh Prison in 2010 and further computers sent to Tanzania and Kenya in 2012, You Touch Africa are kken to obtain more second hand computers, refurbish them and establish more computer learning centres in Africa. This can make a big difference to the education of local children. Please support this project, either by donating funds


Please donate a computer. If you are interested in doing this, please contact us

Volunteers working on donated computers - Click to enlarge       - Click to enlarge

The photographs above show volunteers who generously donated their time to work on donated computers.


4. Building a New Classroom Block at Kiraracha Primary School

New School Classrom Block

Kiraracha Primary School in Tanzania is partly built, funded by the charity Hand in Hand. We are now working in partnership with Hand in Hand to build a new block containing nine new classrooms and a kitchen. The building is now complete and in use. Finishing and equiping of classrooms is continuing.


5. Funding Teachers' Salaries at Uomboni Vocational School

Uomboni Vocational School

We have already provided equipment for the Uomboni Vocational School in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Details are here. The school is in need of ongoing funding to pay teacher's salaries. The salary of one teacher is approximately £30 per month.


6. Assisting volunteers to work in Africa as teachers or nurses

A volunteer teacher in Makomu Primary School

Where experienced teachers have wanted to teach in Africa during their school holidays, we have been able to put them in contact with African schools. Our goal is to promote the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience between the staff and pupils of village schools in Africa and European teachers and schools. To see a video featuring one volunteer, please click here.


7. Improving the Diet at Makomu School in Tanzania

School lunch

Originally the children only had boiled maize meal for lunch, except when their food contributions ran out. When that happened, the children had no food at school all day. We are now improving the children's diet by adding healthy local additional local food items to the staple diet provided for lunches at school. For more information about this project, please click here.

We are very pleased that this project is underway and funded by Mr Wilbert Derks of Amsterdam. Email:

We will be considering similar projects at other schools. For typical costs, see here.


8. Working in conjunction with local women’s organisations

We have been working with local women's organisations (WAWATA) through their microcredit unions to raise funds for Makomu Hospital and Kitowo School and we are investigating ways of encouraging and extending this type of venture.


Completed Projects

For details of some completed projects, please click here.