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Completed Projects

Buiding a Laboratory Building at Makomu Hospital

New Laboratory Buiding

A new small laboratory building has been built in Makomu on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.



Building a New Classroom Block at Kiraracha Primary School

New School Classrom Block

Kiraracha Primary School in Tanzania is partly built, funded by the charity Hand in Hand. We worked in partnership with Hand in Hand to build a new block containing nine new classrooms and a kitchen. The building is now complete and in use. Finishing and equiping of classrooms is continuing.



Completion of a new Maternity Wing at Sanya Juu Hospital

New Maternity Building

A new maternity building has been completed and fitted out at Sanya Juu in northern Tanzania.


Building New Toilets at Sanya Juu Primary School

New Toilets

A new toilet block has been built in Sanya Juu in Tanzania.


Providing Cooking Facilities at Kimanganuni School

School children queuing for food

Food for the children was cooked on the floor, which was hazardous and slow.

New Kitchen Extension

New facilities have been built in an extension to an existing building, shown on the left above. It housed new kitchen and store.

New Kitchen

The kitchen is shown above, prior to the installation of new cooking pots.


Construction of New Boys' Toilets in Makomu, Tanzania

Makomu Boys' old Toilets

The boys' toilet at Makomu School in Tanzania was an old pit latrine housed in a dilapidated building that offered little privacy. Although the latrine was full, 350 boys aged 7-16 years were still using it.

Makomu Boys' new Toilets

A new toilet has now been completed at a cost of £4,600.


Provision of New Windows and Renovation of Blackboards at Kitowo Primary School

Teaching at a blackboard in an African school

Working in conjunction with a local women's organisation, we provided new windows and renovated blackboards. The school is in a very cold part of Tanzania, at an altitude of over 1900m and did not have glazed windows. The blackboards were in poor condition before they were rebuilt.

Sending Computers to Africa

21 redundant computers were very generously donated by Belmarsh Prison. These were upgraded by You Touch Africa and had additional software installed.

Computers donated by Belmarsh Prison - Click to enlarge

The computers have been sent to Tanzania, where they have been successfully installed in several schools.

The computers at a school in Moshi, Tanzania - Click to enlarge

Children learning to use the computers at a school in Moshi, Tanzania

The computers at a school in Tarakea, Tanzania - Click to enlarge

Teaching in a school in Tarakea, Tanzania

Children fascinated by a computer - Click to enlarge

For some fascinated children, this was their first sight of a computer.


Funding a Skills Training Centre in Ghana

St. Mary's Vocational School

You Touch Africa funded new furniture, electrification and sewing machines for St. Mary's Skills Training Centre at Bo, Northern Ghana.


Replacing the Galvanized Iron Roof at Makomu School, Tanzania

The old corrugated galvanized iron roof at Makomu/Kyala Primary School was badly rusting and leaking.

Makumo School with rusty roofs

It was replaced in phases to keep the rain out of the classrooms.

Makomu School before re-roofing - Click to enlarge


Makomu School after re-roofing - Click to enlarge



Uomboni Vocational Training School, Tanzania

You Touch Africa provided five knitting machines, one sewing machine and one embroidery machine for the Wawata Uomboni Vocational Training School in Tanzania.

Uomboni Vocational Training School - Click to enlarge Uomboni Vocational Training School - Click to enlarge

The school is now being used for the vocational training of girls and the production of school uniforms. Grants totaling £1,800 have been been sent to date, funded from the proceeds of a successful Summer Fair at St. Luke’s Six Form College in Sidcup, UK.

Singer Embroidery Machine - Click to enlarge Singer Embroidery Machine - Click to enlarge

If you would like to read a translation of a letter of thanks received from the Vocational School, please click here.


Uomboni Secondary School, Tanzania

A new video projector and photocopier were donated to Uomboni Secondary School in Tanzania.

New Video Projector in Uomboni Vocational Secondary School - Click to enlarge New Photocopier in Uomboni Secondary School - Click to enlarge

These were generously provided by St. Luke’s Six Form College in Sidcup, UK.