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About Us














About Us


Gently Touching Africa


You Touch Africa arose from an idea of Claudia Nagyivan Flach who was inspired by the efforts of Fr Arbo Lekule, a missionary priest from Tanzania based in London, and his friends. Their passion and commitment was to bring about profound changes in the lives of the African poor. They visited and lived with in the villages with the people and were touched by the African’s resilience to poverty. All the trustees and associates are determined to establish lasting bonds through human solidarity and development projects which they would like you to be a part.

Our Vision

It is the vision of You Touch Africa to establish direct support to the efforts of the local poor with 100% of money donated to projects going to those projects . Volunteers and supporters of You Touch Africa will be able to receive first hand information about their contribution.



Mt. Kilimanjaro

Founded as a charitable trust in 2007, You Touch Africa is a new Registered Charity.

Our goal is to work with local people in Africa to achieve the objectives of our trust:

  1. To relieve sickness, poor health and old age amongst disadvantaged people living in Africa.
  2. To advance the education of disadvantaged children and adults living in Africa.
  3. To relieve financial hardship amongst people living in Africa through the provision of grants goods or services.

We believe that we can be a very effective organisation by setting ourselves achievable realistic targets, working in close partnership with local people and maintaining very tight control of costs.


Achieving the Goals


You Touch Africa has knowledge of Africa and contacts there. Hence we can determine needs and the availability of the necessary skills. Careful choice of projects are necessary, as is linking with trustworthy volunteers in the area who can organise work on projects in Africa.

Wherever practical materials for our projects will be sourced by buying materials from the area, and employing labour from the local workforce.

For more information on our current projects, please click see our Projects page.

Control of costs

You Touch Africa has no paid staff and no expensive offices. All work running the trust is undertaken by volunteers. These measures enable us to keep our overhead costs to a minimum. Our administration costs are funded by the trustees and other supporters, hence we are able to make a commitment that 100% of donations for projects will be spent on those projects.

We also recognise that control of the expenditure in Africa is essential. Hence the need to work in partnership with trustworthy local people in a framework of accountability.


To find out something of our history and about work in refurbishing a local hospital, please click here.


People Helped

To give an idea of how many people we reach, here is the number of people helped by some of our projects in 2014.


People benefiting

Annual Total

Mikocheni Primary School

572 weekly


Kiraracha Primary School



Makomu Hospital

50 (weekly)


Wawata disabled outreach



Kimanganuni School




Makomu Primary School



Sanya Juu Hospital

60 (weekly)



We believe that by working with Africans we can change their lives for the better and, in so doing, change ours too.